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Succession Planning Residency & Resources

Pooling is set to experience a wave of upper-tier retirements in the coming years. AGRiP Resident Steve Trautman is helping member pools with succession planning for CEOs, first-tier managers and governing body members. 

Each residency engagement listed below will build off those preceding it. Top pool executives are encouraged to plan now for participation.

  • Readiness Assessment (distributed in February): Pool executives and governing bodies are self-assessing how urgently they need to engage in succession planning work and with subsequent residency offerings. AGRiP is engaging in direct follow-up based on responses.

  • Big Picture Project (April and May): Executives will use pool-specific tools to help them clarify and articulate their strategic visions for their organizations. Doing so will help pool staff teams and governing bodies be more effective in the current state and maintain continuity through any executive transition, whether expected or unexpected.

  • Knowledge Silo Matrix Workshops (August and September): Top pool executives (and likely successors, at the executive’s discretion) will use a talent risk assessment tool and coaching videos to address present or future skill gaps across operational silos. Participants will work both asynchronously on their own and collaboratively with other pools in real time.

  • Knowledge Transfer Workshops (est. November): Top pool executives will use specialized tools to prepare for knowledge transfer to future leaders.

More information will be sent directly to top pool executives in early 2021. Direct questions about the residency to
Stephanie Weiss.

AGRiP Succession Planning Resources

External Succession Planning Resources

  • Use the Cybrary (login required) to find succession planning resources applicable to public entity pools. Search terms like “succession planning,” “executive succession,” “executive retirement” and so forth. You might focus on tabbed results from member pools, QEI Patrons and associations.

Example resources found through the Cybrary:

AGRiP Presentations

Public Entity Pooling Succession Planning: Recognizing Risk in Today’s Shifting, Dynamic Workforce (Steve Trautman keynote from Governance Conference 2020)

Emergency Succession Planning (Aug. 2020 AGRiP webinar presented by Steve Trautman); see associated presentation slides

Steve Trautman

2020–21 Succession Planning Resident

As Succession Planning Resident, Steve Trautman helps pools adequately plan for succession of key organizational leaders and transfer knowledge that’s critical to pool operations. To do this, Steve uses his experience as a talent risk management expert and his practical, data-driven ideas on knowledge transfer. Steve is the principal and founder of The Steve Trautman Co. and has written three books, including Do You Have Who It Takes? Managing Talent Risk in a High-Stakes Technical Workforce.