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Succession Planning Residency & Resources

Pooling is set to experience a wave of upper-tier retirements in the coming years. In fact, a projected 75 percent of executive-level pooling positions will experience turnover by 2028. 

Whether planning for a known retirement or managing an unexpected change in leadership, pools should be familiar with succession planning terms, concepts and tools to mitigate their talent risks.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Steve Trautman will work with member pools on succession planning for their CEOs, first-tier managers and governing body members. As part of his residency, Steve will: 

  • Introduce succession planning models and success metrics for pools managing staffing changes in a keynote presentation at Governance Conference. Watch the keynote presentation below.
  • Facilitate CEO Institute 2021, where he will help each attendee identify the areas of expertise unique to their pool’s CEO role and plan successful transfer of that knowledge.
  • Share succession tools and techniques customized for the public entity pooling environment. Pools attending CEO Institute or specialized work sessions will be able to use these resources for any positions within their organization.

Resources will appear on this page as they become available throughout 2020 and 2021.

Steve Trautman Governance Conference 2020 Keynote

Steve Trautman

2020–21 Succession Planning Resident

As Succession Planning Resident, Steve Trautman helps pools adequately plan for succession of key organizational leaders and transfer knowledge that’s critical to pool operations. To do this, Steve uses his experience as a talent risk management expert and his practical, data-driven ideas on knowledge transfer. Steve is the principal and founder of The Steve Trautman Co. and has written three books, including Do You Have Who It Takes? Managing Talent Risk in a High-Stakes Technical Workforce.